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"Great, thorough website! something like this is very needed in our community! Thank you!"

  Corinne N. (Speech Therapist)


"Very thorough. I am pleased to have found this website.”

    Jody G. (Special Education Teacher)


"Since the birth of my boys, I have struggled with finding the appropriate doctors, therapies, support, etc. I have always wished that there could be more help and guidance for families with special needs children. This organization could really be a lifesaver for so many people.”

  Jenn K. (Parent)

"Thank you so much for last nights activities. We had a wonderful time. My husband and I have three children and two of them have autism. My oldest daughter is a typical child, my son is a nonverbal on the spectrum and my youngest is a high functioning child on the spectrum. We rarely ever go anywhere, but thanks to this organization we got to enjoy oursevles with our children and not feel uncomfortable if one of our children had a meltdown. I got to see so many people I knew and met many others. Thank you again for such an amazing experience and we look forward to your future events!" 

  Rosalinda S. (Parent)

"I attended the Everything Special Needs WALK for EVERYBODY and my strongest emotion was that I wish everyone could have this experience that I just did. This was an environment completely different from my usual day to day. I became more interested, not more fearful. I watched and I listened and I learned. I learned all about trains from a 10 year boy I walked with, who knows more about trains, train stations, train tracks and lines than probably anyone I know. But I also learned about family and friendship, when his sister thanked me for walking with her brother. Why was she thanking me? I had a great time. Because, she said, "not every one wants to walk with him."


It was truly humbling to be among the kids and their families. Now I understand why the word special is used. It is not a word intended to dress up, or cover up. Webster defines special as “unusual in a good way”.  Special Needs kids are very special. They made me want to be a better person. They made me want to participate more. And I will."

Ginny J (WALK for EVERYBODY Attendee)

Everything Special Needs knocked us out of our SkyZone socks!!! The event rocked beyond our expectations, and I want to say Thank You! 

My kids had an absolute blast. I really appreciated everything that was offered - the food, plenty of access to the facility (no crowding down to one area), the DJ, and the movie. You really had everything covered!


All of this qualifies for something I would want to do again, but when I think of the value of this just can't be beat. It was 3 hours of non-stop choice between jumping, dancing, or just hanging out, with dinner and a movie thrown in - for all ages and abilities - and included the SkyZone socks for every member of the family, even us "adults" who didn't have to pay to attend the Playdate!

The Costanzo Family (SkyZone Planned Play Date Attendees)

If you've been to an event recently, or been positively impacted by our resources, and want to share your experience, please let us know so we may share it with our supporters. Please include your first name and last initial, a valid email address, and a short description of your experience. Thanks!

Thank you for supporting our cause

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