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Do you feel like your child is alone?

Is it hard for your child to have a good friend because all of your friends' children are on a different level?

Do you feel that your child sometimes doesn't fit in?

Do you ever wish there was a place where no one was judged? 


Planned Play Dates Is The Answer!

Thank you to all the families who attended our recent

Planned Play Dates

Movie Party 2023

"Thank you so much for last nights activities. We had a wonderful time. My husband and I have three children and two of them have autism. My oldest daughter is a typical child, my son is a nonverbal on the spectrum and my youngest is a high functioning child on the spectrum. We rarely ever go anywhere, but thanks to this organization we got to enjoy oursevles with our children and not feel uncomfortable if one of our children had a meltdown. I got to see so many people I knew and met many others. Thank you again for such an amazing experience and we look forward to your future events!"

- Rosalinda S. (Parent)

Everything Special Needs knocked us out of our SkyZone socks!!! The event rocked beyond our expectations, and I want to say Thank You! My kids had an absolute blast. I really appreciated everything that was offered - the food, plenty of access to the facility (no crowding down to one area), the DJ, and the movie. You really had everything covered!

 All of this qualifies for something I would want to do again, but when I think of the value of this just can't be beat. It was 3 hours of non-stop choice between jumping, dancing, or just hanging out, with dinner and a movie thrown in - for all ages and abilities - and included the SkyZone socks for every member of the family, even us "adults" who didn't have to pay to attend the Playdate!

The Costanzo Family

(SkyZone Planned Play Date Attendees)

Graffiti Party 2023


We all want our children to learn how to be social. Getting together with other children gives them a chance to learn how to get along with others. All children can learn from one another, and children with special needs can help other children learn new skills and build up a tolerance to lessen their frustration.

"The Planned Play Dates have been such an amazing experience for us as a family, and for me as a special needs mom. It was wonderful to talk with other parents, they had so much insight on our day to day life. For once we fit it, for the first time Jovie ate PIZZA and it was beyond cool to see other moms get just as excited as I was. Even offering to catch the moment on video for us. 

- Cynthia S. (Parent)

Why Are Play Dates Important?

Play dates help children develop socially and emotionally. By interacting, they learn to interact. Through Planned Play Dates  children have an opportunity to be aware and think about what another child wants or needs. This leads to every day lessons, such as taking turns, being polite, and sharing. This also leads to life lessons, such as respecting themselves and others, resolving disagreements, when and how to be assertive, and cooperating. Most of all, they learn to get along with others. Planned Play Dates help children see social interaction as a positive experience that leads to happiness. 



With the help of Everything Special Needs, your child will be making new friends in no time!


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