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Wish Organizations


These organization will grant a wish to a child with a life threatening or sometimes chronic health condition. 



Dream Factory


Sunshine Foundation


Kids Wish Network


Hope Kids


Jason’s Dream for Kids


The Marty Lyons Foundation


A Special Wish 


Take a Breather Foundation for children with cystic fibrosis


*each organization has their own criteria for referring a child and geographical area they serve

Medical Equipment/Medical Assistance


UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation

offers grants for kids 16 years old or younger for services health insurance does not cover


McLindon Family Foundation

provides adaptive bicycles for children with special needs. 


Danielle’s Foundation

 provides assistance for families of children with cerebral palsy and brain injuries


The Arya Foundation

 provides medical equipment such as ramps, special beds and walking aides. 


MY GYM Challenged America

provides grants for medical equipment and therapy equipment for families with special needs


The Lindsay Foundation

provides medical care, treatment and rehab equipment grants


Stepping Stones for Stella

provides buggies for children with special needs to enjoy outdoors to its fullest


First Hand Foundation

provides financial assistance for medical care, vehicle modification and travel 

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Free Gifts And Services


Santa’s Little Hackers

sends children with special needs an adaptive toy at Christmas time


Kyler Koat Project

provides warm capes for children and adults in wheelchairs


Special Kids Photography of America 

provides grants for family pictures 


Grains of Love

provides love packages for individuals in need of comfort


Tiny Superheroes

sends a cape to your little superhero 


Bianca’s Kids

provides needed wishes for families


Special Spaces

creates dream bedrooms for children with critical illnesses


Free Places to Go


Give Kids the World

 a popular wish organization destination, see database for participating organizations


Buckmaster’s Life Hunts 

provides a hunting experience for a child with critical illness or severe disability


Ride A Wave

a special day at the beach for children with special needs

June Brandy Foundation

assists families with children who have pediatric illness/disability


Alyssa V. Phillips Foundation

assists children with cerebral palsy to help with therapies or other medical treatments insurance doesn’t cover


Variety of United States

provides equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion


The Prayer Child Foundation

provides assistance to children with disabilities to enhance quality of life


Wheel to Walk Foundation

 assists with equipment not provided by insurance


Small Steps in Speech

 grant funds for speech and language disorder therapies


Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

provides iPads for children with spinal muscular atrophy


Silent Stars

 provides iPads for children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Go Shout Love

features a family battling a rare illness and raises funds for them


Angel Flight

 free medical and compassion flights 


Aubrey Rose Foundation

 assists families with medical expenses


Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation

provides medical and respite housing to critically ill children and their families


Friend’s of Man

assists with medical and mobility equipment and prothesis



provides modest grants to families in need


Wheelchairs 4 Kids

provides assistive devices and medical equipment to families in need


Project Mend

refurbishes mobility devices and assists families with medical equipment needs


Gia Nicole Angel Foundation

assist with purchase of medical equipment


Building Blocks for Kids

 provides grants for health related needs


Different Needz Foundation

 provides grants for medical equipment and/or services.

Some tips when applying for grants:


  • Read the criteria and requirements carefully. That way you are not wasting your time filling out applications and the non-profit can focus on the people they have set up their program for.

  • Speak with your child’s physician or therapist to see if a particular equipment would be helpful or if there might be a better choice before applying. 

  • If you are chosen for a grant, follow up with a thank you letter and pictures. Many non-profits depend on these updates to share with their donors so that other children can be served.

  • Don’t give up. If you are not chosen for a grant, check out local lending closets, ask around in local mom groups or set up a personal fundraiser. We all need a little help sometimes. 


Hands to Angels

 helps families of children with rare genetic disorders


Hannah and Friends

 provides quality of life grants for individuals with developmental disabilities in Indiana, the Michiana area, New York, Rhode Island, and Florida


Grotto Humanitarian Foundation

provides dental services for children with special needs


The HIKE Fund

 provides hearing devices for children in need


Kya’s Krusade

grants for therapies


Maggie Welby Foundation

provides grants to families in need


Mark’s Money

grants for individuals with Down Syndrome residing in Tennessee or Indiana


Miracle Ear Foundation

provides free hearing aids to individuals in need


The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project

provides the tools for a therapeutic and fun experience to children with physical and developmental needs


Be Perfect Foundation

offers financial assistance for individuals living with paralysis


Chariots of Hope

 accepts donations of wheelchairs and refurbishes them for others for free


My GOAL Inc.

grants for families of children with autism for treatments not covered by insurance or other sources


Ben’s Blankets

weighted blankets for children with sensory needs at the cost of materials


Parker Lee Project

 helps families afford medical equipment

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