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About Us

      Everything Special Needs, INC. is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping families with Special Needs children find services and programs that suit their child’s needs. Our goal is to guide you when you are not sure where to go, and to help you locate the best programs and services for your child, ranging from Medical Services to Sports & Recreation Programs and more.


      When parents learn that their child has Special Needs, they begin a journey that takes them into a life that is often filled with strong emotion, difficult choices, and an ongoing need for information and services.  Everything Special Needs has been developed to respond to the information needs of parents — those who have just learned their child has special needs and those who have lived with this reality for some time but who have reached a transition point where they need new information or renewed support. 


      This organization provides a starting point for families in their search for information and resources.  We hope that it will also be useful to professionals who work with families who have Special Needs children by helping them to understand how having a child with Special Needs can affect the family as well as providing them with a ready resource to share with the parents with whom they work.

A Non-Judgmental Environment

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Tim Flynn, President & CEO

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We hope that our website helps you access information that otherwise might be difficult to find.


We invite you to check back for updates on our information as well as Upcoming Events, Fundraisers, and Planned Play Dates.

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